EVERYONE KNOWS THAT PORTLAND’S WEIRD and I am a partisan of keeping it that way, but this is going a little too far.

When going for a hike in Forest Park with Rhoda, the family dog, Mike and Jennifer Colbach escaped serious injury when they stumbled upon a makeshift firearm booby trap.
A cord was running across the trail, ready to trip any unsuspecting hiker and set off an improvised firearm attached to a tree in the bush along the trail. Luckily for everyone, after inspection of the device by the bomb squad, it was confirmed that the weapon had malfunctioned when the dog stepped on the parachute cord trigger.
No one was hurt, but the Colbachs have been spooked (who can blame them?) and will not be walking the trails of Portland’s Forest Park anytime soon.

An investigation is underway, but until the people responsible for this macabre joke are arrested, you’d better watch your

Source: Oregon Live