Africa: The big, dark continent that needs rescuing by Hollywood. Leonardo DiCaprio made the rest of the world think everyone in each of its 54 countries says TIA like a daily fucking mantra. In Hollywood, as in charity videos, Africa is portrayed as a tangled mess of poverty and mismanagement. It’s also portrayed as one country: This is Africa; this is African music; I’m going to Africa. It seems we aren’t able to separate countries in Africa in the way we are able to in Europe. Have you tried European food? Sounds weird no?

Here’s a clip from a satirical news programme that I’m a part of in Zimbabwe (yes, we can produce decent quality, humorous material).

It’s like a minute long version of what Blood Diamond was trying to do. The show is called Zambezi News and it’s a parody on state controlled media in the country. The programme launches its second season in the capital, Harare, this week. It features artists and entertainers who come from different backgrounds including spoken word and comedy circles as well as professional actors. Through online, physical, and broadcasting platforms the first season has been viewed countrywide and outside by roughly six million people.

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