This recipe for DIY surfers’ sunscreen is cheap, quick, and natural.

On a beach weekend, I can finish off a tube of sunscreen by myself.

Sounds obsessive? I know other pasty folk will understand.

You grew up watching scary skin cancer PSAs on television. You reapply constantly. People are forever pointing out the spots you didn’t rub in properly on your ears. You hoard the stuff like Gollum, and when friends ask to borrow a bit of sunblock, you hesitate. Why? Because sunscreen is darn expensive, especially when you go through it so quickly.

Luckily, we found a sweet recipe for a suncreen homebrew that’s cheap and easy to make. It’s also waterproof, so hit that beach hard.

If the smell of tea tree oil reminds you too much of your teenage Body Shop phase, feel free to swap in another skin-friendly oil. Almond oil is reportedly good for itchiness and eczema, while neroli is soothing on sensitive skin.

Happy safe sunning!

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