Andreas Stavropoulous has turned a classic old aluminum Airstream into a design studio.

ALTHOUGH THE AIRSTREAM currently sits in the backyard of Stavropoulous’ home in Berekley, California, the whole thing initially started out as a mobile studio. As a landscape architect, Stavropoulous felt it was important to be on the land while designing from the studio, rather than working in a penned cubicle.

“When you have a lot of constraints, it keeps everything in sharp focus,” he says. And with just 150 square feet of space to work with, there are a lot of constraints.

It worked out well for him. While the Airstream isn’t moving at the moment as Stavropoulous needs more space for his increasing workload, he says it’s important that the studio still has the potential to move.

WEREHAUS created this video after being fascinated by the efficiency of space and the “quiet desire for adventure on the open road.” Check it out below.

Airstream Living from WEREHAUS on Vimeo.