UNLIKE BLACK BEARS, grizzly bears are notoriously dangerous and aggressive, so even though that one looks gentle and adorable, feeding it is a very, very stupid idea.

Not only could a little paw-swipe kill the naive guy giving it meat (you did notice the claws, right?), but habituating wildlife to being fed by humans is as idiotic as it gets.

There is no doubt that this big, furry guy will find its way back to this house for food. That’s what bears do, they remember where food was easy to get and come back. Maybe next time, the feeder won’t be behind a window and won’t have a full stack of food ready to share. No need to explain that a close encounter with a hungry grizzly bear will very likely result poorly.

The saddest part of all is that if the feeder ever gets attacked, conservation authorities will look for the bear responsible and destroy it because it will then present a serious threat to the population. Let’s not forget to mention that habituating wildlife to human contacts makes them more vulnerable to predators and susceptible to vehicle collisions.

As fun and cute as this video might seem, it shows exactly what one should refrain from doing, for both humans and bears.

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