1. Sleeping under the stars in Makapuʻu, Hawaii

2. Cozy and retro in Busan, South Korea

3. After a long day of hiking the Juan de Fuca Trail in British Columbia

4. All you really need is a hammock and some palm trees

5. Sunset on Wilbinga Beach, Western Australia

6. After a day of surfing on the Oregon Coast

7. Around the fire at Haidai Gwaii, British Columbia

8. Camp is where you park it in Northern California

9. The view never sucks when you camp on the beach in Mbuya, Tanzania

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10. Party all you want, you won’t disturb the neighbors in Olympic National Park, Washington

11. Hotels can’t compare in Wingaersheek, Massachusetts

12. This is the best way to wake up in Forks, Washington

13. We want to do this all year long in the Pacific Northwest

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