Some people would pay the equivalent of a round-trip ticket to Europe for the chance to own a sweet fixie bike. Me? I prefer cycling around suburbia on my beach cruiser (it even has a wicker basket!). Bicycles are a great form of transportation for health, social, and environmental reasons. But what does your bike-of-choice say about you?

French artists Thomas Pom and Orthonormai created a whimsical campaign covering everything from thin, Lance Armstrong-speed cycles to that stationary bike you bought as a New Year’s resolution. Each print labels the type of person you could be, based on the style of bike you like. The “weirdo” is a person who rides one of those crazy tall bikes. And the “warrior” is your typical mountain bike against the backdrop of a ramp and pile of dirt.

Apparently, riding a beach cruiser means I’m a cougar. SCORE!

It takes all sorts to bike the world, but do you agree — “you are what you ride”?