There might be a place that’s worse to be unconscious than thousands of feet up in mid-air while skydiving, but I’m really not sure where it is. Possibly sitting on a conveyor belt that’s moving towards a bandsaw? Regardless, the fact that unconsciousness is even a possibility is a pretty huge reason I never go skydiving (or sitting on bandsaw-tipped conveyor belts). 25-year-old British skydiver James Lee found this out the hard way, when he struck another diver, and was knocked unconscious thousands of feet up from the ground.

The entire thing was caught on his helmet cam.

Fortunately for him, two of the other skydivers noticed he had lost control, and upon realizing he was unresponsive, managed to reposition him and deploy his parachute. He then safely landed. The video has pretty much convinced me to never go skydiving, or possibly to only go skydiving with a couple of extremely competent, loyal, and ballsy friends.

[Feature photo: peasap]

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