I’M SURPRISED THAT only 18% of New Yorker State residents smoke, but maybe that’s because the cheapest pack of cigarettes you can find will cost you $9. It’s interesting to compare and contrast the darker blue states to the lighter blue ones — what makes West Virginia so different from Utah? Culturally, Mormons are not supposed to indulge in tobacco products, but then what’s California’s excuse?

I was however, surprised at how low the percentages seemed to me. I feel like everyone in New York City smokes, but really, I’m only seeing a small cross section of the state. And 18% of 19.57 million people, is still a lot of people. It would be interesting to see this map again in another ten years, along with whatever efforts might be in place by then to prevent people from smoking like they did in the 1950s.

Infographic credit: Kayla Matthews, for 12 Keys Rehab.

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