Information Geographies, at the Oxford Internet Institute, is creating an atlas. Not just a boring old atlas telling you where countries are located and how much rainfall they receive. They’re building an Atlas of the Internet, which will be a visual representation of “who produces and reproduces, who has access, and who and where are represented by information in our contemporary knowledge economy.”

The printed book and an ebook are forthcoming, but right now you can see a sample of maps on the institute’s website. The Age of Internet Empires illustrates the most frequented websites in the world, by country, using data from Alexa. For much of the world, Google receives the most hits…but not everywhere. Facebook is more popular in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central and some parts of South America, for example.

Other maps available now include A Geography of Twitter, Interactive Map of Wikipedia’s Geospatial Content, and Google Removal Requests (requests to receive information from governments). For more information on the upcoming atlas, visit the website.