We asked for Halloween costume submissions, you provided.

HALLOWEEN IS PROBABLY my all-time favourite occasion. For one day of the year, I can be whoever the hell I want to be without judgement. If I want to dress up like a cracked out streetwalker, I can. If I want to attach toy cats to a purple housecoat, tease my hair and streak lipstick across my face to resemble the crazy cat lady, by golly, I can!

And I’m glad to see most of you have Halloween spirit as well. Thanks for your submissions!


The Electrocuted Man

Brave New Traveler editor Carlo Alcos has been sticking his finger in sockets again.


Redfoo and SkyBlue

Dylan Bradford and a friend pose as the LMFAO duo. Who else was hoping to run into the "Sexy and I Know It" video edition?


Hot Turkey Sandwich

Me. This started out as Sexy Turkey, then developed into the Hot Turkey Sandwich. Evolution of the turkey?


Ninja Having a Bad Day

Matador TV editor Joshua Johnson decided to go as Ninja Having a Bad Day. Um, that star looks painful.


Amelia Earhart

Jill Kozak dressed as pioneer woman traveler Amelia Earhart.


Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Amanda Williams of A Dangerous Business dressed up as the classic lady in red!


Going geek

Cailin O'Neil of Travel Yourself lets us know who she REALLY is.


The female Joker

Claire-Helene Benoit-Pernot lets her badass side show as Joker.


Nicki Minaj and the male Lady Gaga

Nicoas Keller Sarmiento and a friend, superstar-style.


Penny Hardaway

Tom Cyr says, "Korea wasn't fond of Penny Hardaway."

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