WHEN I GET CATCALLED, I always react the same way: I look down at my feet and walk faster. I want to get angry and shout back, but I’m too scared of the possible consequences.

That’s not what the Daughters of Violence do.

They don’t act as if nothing happened and they certainly don’t try to get way from the men who harass them. Instead, they confront them on the streets of Mexico City with confetti guns and feminist punk rock.

Not only does it empower these women to move on with their days knowing they have not been ruled by fear, but it’s also a good way to make the catcallers realize how their behaviour affect the women at the receiving end of their comments.

Street harassment is a real issue for millions of women all over the world. If a bunch of confettis and some music can make them feel safer and help them take back the power over their own bodies, we’re all for it.