This video fills me with feelings, but of a mixed variety.

Naturally, there are very few pleasures as simple and pure as watching people do good things for each other. The sad part for me came at the end of the video, when the makers challenged the viewers to “go out of their way” and be kind. I find this troubling, but only insofar as the gentlemen at JStuStudios felt they had to make a video to get people to be kind, and worse, that to do a good deed for someone else requires “going out of the way” for most people.

This does not in any way represent a flaw, in my opinion, in the message conveyed with the video, but more an accidental commentary on our culture. It seems wrong to me that we as a people require a call-to-action to do nice things for each other. Then again, if at the very least a few people heed this call, we might just be able to break away from this strange precedent and step into a much kinder world.

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