AS AN ANTHROPOLOGY student, I spent a lot of time studying animal and human behavior regarding sex, and emotional activity. There is a lot to say on how the concept of monogamy came about (in the early days, it had more to do with women being seen as “property,” than it’s current-day romantic connotation), but the stark truth is, a majority of animals are not hard-wired to mate with one partner forever.

Before you go out and start sleeping around though, keep in mind — when it comes to partnership, humans take more into consideration than just copulating for better genetic variety, or the probability that their “seed” will be “sown.” We are emotional, and these emotions direct our actions – if we’re happy in a relationship, we tend to stick with our partner. If we’re upset, or feeling unloved, our emotions push us in different directions. It’s not all simple as that, but it gives you a general idea of why we do, what we do (and with whom).

This video also gives new meaning to Cole Porter’s lyrics, “Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it…”

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