How long would you wait outside a store for the next hot piece of technology? Weeks? Days? Hours?

How about 15 days, just for the newest iPhone, like the gentlemen in this video?

Recently released on September 20, this year saw one of the most substantial and borderline disturbing instances of people camping out in front of stores around the country, just for the opportunity to give Apple more of their money.

When asked about which color they were waiting for, the choice on everyone’s lips was unanimously “gold.” It seems Apple learned a valuable lesson from Motorola, who released their Dolce and Gabanna limited edition gold-plated Razr in 2006, at a hefty price of $400 dollars (a price that deterred few from fighting tooth-and-nail to get one). So, at $199, the gold-colored iPhone 5s seems like a steal.

It takes a certain kind of person to brave the elements for the promise of a shiny new gold-colored phone. The kind of person exemplified in this video, and the kind of person who would pay $10,000 for one on eBay after missing their chance on opening weekend (which, by the way, actually happened).