Photo: Mitchel Jones

CALIFORNIA IS JAM-PACKED with hiking trails, from the Santa Monica Mountains to the Sierras. Sometimes the hard part for a hiker is just knowing all of their available options.

Thankfully, after a successful Kickstarter campaign, hiking fanatic Jason Mandly is coming out with a map that details every trail that California has to offer.

Mandly restricted his list to established trails that are public, have no motor vehicle traffic, and are at least two to three miles long and he put them all on a single 40 by 60 inches poster.

This was a huge undertaking. He used info collected from the California Protected Areas Data Portal as a place to start and then scoured maps and satellite images from every county in California searching for precise geographical data on every hikeable trail. He acknowledges on his website that he’s only human and may have missed a couple of trails, and encourages people to reach out to him with any missing info so he can make future revisions.

The map is pretty cool not just for hikers, but to show how California is shaped by both its terrain and its occupants. Longer trails wind through the not-very-populated eastern parts of the state, but lots of webs of smaller trails can be seen around the major urban areas. Mapping the complicated trail networks in SoCal and the Bay Area proved to be difficult enough that Mandly had to make individual insets for San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Marin County, and the San Francisco Bay.

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