“It makes me feel like there are no walls, no bars…”

…the subtitle reads as Nunez del Arco oscillates between gyrations, punches, and jumping jacks in front of crowded blocks of colour. Scars, smiles, co-ordinated movement, and fluorescent groups fill the space within the concrete prison walls and its outer razor wire fence. Nunez was sentenced to 15 years, accused of kidnapping.

Prison projects like this break the skin of an austere system of “rehabilitation” and let light in through the gap. These activities and initiatives seem to me the most genuine form of, and attempt at, rehabilitation that encourages a positive sense of community. Fellow artists who have conducted music workshops in the main prison in my city have been rendered speechless by the enthusiasm and hunger for expression, artistic and otherwise, of inmates. It’s something I have always wanted to (and one day will) do.

In this video Nunez and over 1,000 other inmates are trying to break the world record for the most people doing full body aerobics in one place at one time. A mini–documentary where colour and exercise brighten the imposing grey walls within the courtyard of Peru’s Lurigancho: one of South America’s most dangerous prisons.

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