Feature photo by petaflickr. Photo of Sexiest Vegetarian finalist Joan Jett by Spacehindu

How do you sex up vegetarianism? You give it a poll, courtesy of Peta2. Voting has begun for 2009’s Sexiest Vegetarian award, a saucy affair that pits celebri-tarians against each other for the title of Most Soy Friendly.

Peta2 is Peta’s organization geared towards high school and college-aged activists, designed to appeal to a Perez/Paris-fueled generation. The contest reminds us of the “meat-free hotties” who are “shunning flesh” in the Entertainment World and points out that vegetarianism is a great way for celebs to “keep their tummies flat.”

Peta2 is also running Cutest Vegetarian Alive contest, where normal folks are allowed to out-vegetarian each other. Christopher McClure, a finalist from New Hampshire, wants everyone to know that the “lack of cruelty within my system has shaped my face with cuteness and nothing else!”

Winners will be announced on June 8th.