Cars with feathers, cars with teeth, cars that give a whole new meaning to Vorsprung durch Technik.

WE’VE AVOIDED ART cars constructed solely for festivals – these 21 bad boys can be found on the road, so keep your eyes open. Yep it really is possible to drive a swan!


Customized cruiser

Cool cruiser photographed at the Red Lion Run Car Show. Photo used with kind permission of bob merco. Feature photo by taberandrew.


Mondrian art car

Crazy 3-D Mondrian photographed at the Art Car Fest 2006 in San Jose by L. Marie. Sort of like a Rubix Cube on wheels.


Ford truck

Customized Ford truck pictured at the Heavy Rebel Weekender, a 3 day festival in North Carolina celebrating music, bikes and cars, and featuring mud wrestling and a beer chugging contest. Photo used with kind permission of Doug Johnson.


Camper van mayhem

An RV clowning around in a carpark in Sweden. Picture by Jeremey Burgin.


Telephone customized car

The safest way to use your phone whilst driving. Photo by Thomas Duchnicki.


Swan car

Commissioned in 1909 by eccentric Calcutta millionaire Robert Nicholl Mattewson, the Swan car was hand carved from wood and covered with plaster. It has eyes that glow in the dark, a beak that sprays scalding water to clear a passage through congested streets, and it can even poo on the pavement! Photo copyright stkone. Used with permission.


Flashy van

Flashy van entirely covered with old cameras rigged to take candid pictures of people who don't realise they work! See for more details. Photo by albany_tim.


Musical car

Designed by Harrod Blank, the man behind the cameravan above, the stereo system and all the instruments on this car work and are designed to be played. So if you don't like the music where you're at, make your own! Photo by albany_tim.


Redhead car

Proof that customized cars can deliver an important message, this one traces the origin and significance of redheads! Photo by howieluvzus.


Cuasimodo festival car

Cuasimodo is a celebration that takes place in Santiago, Chile, on the first Sunday after Easter. It commemorates a time when Chilean cowboys had to protect the priests that were travelling around giving communion to people unable to get to church. Nowadays, people decorate their bikes, horse-carriages and other vehicles, and parade around the district. Photo courtesy of Eileen Smith.


Dragon car

Scary but cute - a cheeky little monster photographed at the Art Car Fest 2006 in San Jose by L. Marie.


Space car

Although it may look like something out of Star Trek, this crazy beast was cruising along in South Side, New York, apparently blasting the Electric Slide out its stereo. Photo by Mike Drawback.


Bad-ass truck rod

Bad-ass truck rod caught at the Goodguys southwest nationals in 2009. Photo used with kind permission of Swanee 3.


Wooden eco car

Eco friendly "transport pod" built from different types of wood, weighing only 450 kg and containing a 2CV engine which helps it achieve very efficient mileage. Photo by chrsoz.


30 inch rims

Summer rollin' in South Beach, Miami. Photo by Phillip Pessar.


Crazy car

If you can cruise down the street in a car like that, then you truly are beyond boundaries. Photo by James Trosh.


Street rod

Sexy futuristic street rod shot at the Richmond Nationals, 2008. Photo used with kind permission of vaphoto1.


Don't slam the door too hard... never know what might happen! Photo taken in the West Village, New York, by See-ming Lee.


Classic paint job

No car is truly complete until it has a picture on its bonnet of a half naked woman toting a revolver. Photo by saguayo.


Lego style car

Lego car parked outside a grocery store. Obviously! Photo taken by idealisms.


Customized car dashboard

The only thing missing here is a time travel button. But, what happens if you push the question mark? Photo taken by Simon Davison.

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