How would you feel about ditching the luxuries of a large, spacious house for a one-room RV? Technomadia’s Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard made it their lifestyle.

Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard are two “gen-x geeks” who live on the road full-time with their RV.
They’re currently making their way across the USA, headed towards Tampa. In their words, they’re “living at the intersection of Epic & Awesome – traveling, living, working and playing full-time in a small solar powered RV, embracing nomadic serendipity.”

How could you not love a couple like that?

Their secret to living this way is total lack of debt. They’re not rich, but they don’t have credit cards, mortgages, rent payments, student loans, child support, or anything of the sort.

Here’s a glimpse into their tightly compacted life, complete with all the great technology and a fluffy cat.


2009 Oliver Legacy Elite Travel Trailer

1. Orion, the 2009 Oliver Legacy Elite Travel Trailer.


Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard

2. Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard, owners of Orion, their first day as full fledged RVers.


Inside the RV

3. Kiki the kitty hanging out in the back of the RV, where Chris and Cherie have favored a full size bed over a four-person dinette typical of many RVs.


RV storage bin

4. The back upper bin of the trailer is all that is needed for the couple's tech gear. Here they stash a Mac Mini, a WiFi long-range antenna, a back-up drive, a small Canon printer, and a few other books.


RV Refrigerator

5. The kitchen view: occupying only about four cubic feet of space, the refrigerator comes complete with freezer and can store enough food for two weeks. The drawers are also deep and great for storage.


RV Kitchen

6. A larger view of Orion's kitchen.



7. Fun photo art by Ben Willmore. The technique used here is “lightpainting.”


RV Office

8. Cherie hard at work in her comfortable office.


RV Bathroom

9. No such thing as a hot bath here, only room for a shower in this tiny bathroom.


RV Campsite

10. A rising moon at one of Technomadia's campsites.


RV Privacy

11. A curtain attached to the ceiling with suction cups helps separate the bed area from the living area when privacy is necessary.


Camp Nomadia

12. Technomadia's Burning Man camp where many Matador team members camped as well.