We don’t think much about the kitchen sink. It’s there for dumping our dishes before we wash them, scrubbing potatoes and draining the milk that expired three weeks ago. Maybe it’s time to take a closer look and give a little love and appreciation.

Leigh Shulman and Candice Walsh. Feature photo by Let’s Eat.


Pretty pastels sink

1. Here's a sink dressed up in pastel colors and checkerboard print found in a chalet in Alsace. Photo by socaloca


Pink kitchen, blue sink

2.Part of me wants to clean up the muck splattered all over, but mostly, I'm taken in by the collision of color. Photo by Philo Nordlund.


Abandoned sink

3. A decrepit sink in an abandoned house on the eastern plains of Colorado. Photo by vjstark.


A sink from a Fine Arts exhibit

4. This sink comes from an exhibit not-surprisingly titled "Everything But the Kitchen Sink" at the Fine Arts Center of Kershaw County, South Carolina. The original sink-art by Keith Tolen is called Sink-e-delic. The photographer calls his sink photo Testing Twittergram. Photo by raggedj.


Sink graffiti

5. Sink graffiti, from Paris. The photographer explains how you find them all over the city in different colors. Photo by reel aesthete.


Sink litter

6. You never know what you'll pass along the way. This sink looks like it somehow belongs all shiny, clean and among the weeds. Photo by DPhotoOP.


Flamingos in the sink

7.Flamingos in the sink. Of course there are. Photo by ricko.


The mechanics of the sink

8. Underneath the sink. The parts you rarely notice unless they stop working. Photo by jhhwild.


Canning day

9. Every sink should have a window over it, so your eyes can drift to the outside world while you're finishing those mundane chores. The photographer calls the photo "Canning Day," but it's the striking blue scene outside the window you notice first. That and the evil strawberry on the wall. Photo by MizMagee.


Modern sink

10. This sink took part in the 2008 Museum of Modern Art exhibit titled "Home Delivery." Want to see more from this exhibit? Photo by Scott Norsworthy.

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