We asked you to give us a glimpse into your daily lives, and you responded with gusto.

The best thing about these photographs is the variety.
From navigating Denmark by bicycle to hanging out with grandchildren, thanks for letting us into your world.


journey to Bandung

1.This photo was taken by Fran Bildan enroute to Bandung from Jakarta. Traffic was slow because it was a Sunday, the day many Muslims take the family to the mosque. Streets were crowded, vendors occupied the side streets, and the day was perfect.


gay rights activism

2. Monica Moron writes: “I went with friend to take some pictures for a project and stumbled upon a protest happening in downtown LA. It was for 'Equality Across America' supporting gay marriage and trying to get it legalized federally. We ended marching with them and met some pretty cool people.”


bicycling in Denmark

3. Maya Weeks takes her bike out for a ride in Copenhagen, Denmark. After a long winter, Maya was overjoyed to finally be able to wear open-toed shoes again!


stationary and spectacles

4. Scott Hartman is a self-proclaimed Dharmabum. This photo shows the scene where Scott wrote his book, which he started in 1999 and finished last year. He says: “Roughly the time this photo was taken, my soulmate was getting married a continent away. After this photo was taken I stepped outside into the last of the sun and thanked whatever gods may be for her presence in my life.”


Cola Cao in Spain

5. Photo by Leanne Hunnings. “I took a boat from the city I live in Vigo, Galicia, (Spain) over to nearby Cangas do Morrazo with my friend. We braved the hailstorms and the foreboding black clouds occasionally spliced with a breath of sunshine, were lucky enough to see dolphins dancing with each other in the sea, and spent the day mooching around the town, test-driving my new flip-flops on the soggy beach and legging it into bars to drink Cola Cao (hot chocolate). Topped off the day by seeing a fabulous rainbow on the journey home!”


Bay of Fundy

6. This photo was taken in the Bay of Fundy by Dona Jolie and some friends. Here, they’re celebrating the arrival of spring!



7. Carolyn Hopper captures a Fall crocus bloom. She knows her flowers: “When the corm puts out leaves in the spring, they look like miniature skunk cabbage.”


fruits and veggies

8. Brittany Shoot took this photo to capture a weekend with her in-laws in Denmark. She’s a vegan, so her mother-in-law always makes sure to keep fruits and veggies on hand. “Last weekend, we all took a trip together to a small island between Denmark and Sweden called Læsø, and mor (mother-in-law) packed lots of food in case we couldn't find much in the island markets for me. The moment we arrived, she found this giant platter and started unpacking everything she brought. In the background, you can see other lunch preparations: cans of Coke (for my partner) and Royal Export beer (for the parents). On the left is a jar of homemade hummus and a small jar of salt from the island. They're famous for their ancient salt-making tradition and it's delicious!”


young girl at the beach

9. This is Ron Meadows’ granddaughter, frolicking at the beach in Galveston, Texas. Watching her play made him think about the simple joys of being a kid, and how much innocence we lose as we get older: “No cares about how others view them nor do they put up the false impersonations of being someone they are not. Life was so simple then.”


web browser

10.Sarah Neely picks up books, magazines and free newspapers faster than she can read them, as shown in this snapshot of her home.


handling snakes

11.Mary Pfaffko is a licensed venomous snake removalist, and she loves her job! She removes snakes from households and releases them safely into the wild. She’s trained to remove some of Australia’s deadliest snake species, like the Death Adder, Tiger Snake, and Dugite. Here she’s shown handling a King Brown Snake.


woman feeding raccoon

12. This is Kayla Howe’s grandmother and her pet raccoon, Raka. Kayla writes: “Although Raka is wild, she has been visiting the house every night for the past four years thanks to my grandma's constant supply of sugary treats.” Raka apparently even chases away the neighbor's "pet" raccoon, Sis, if she gets too close to the house!