If you had the opportunity to live another life, how would you do it?

Second Life is a virtual 3D world where people create custom avatars to interact with other avatars in the online community. You can explore new cities, go shopping, attend classes, and even buy property.

This means if you’ve ever dreamt about being a rich, successful entrepreneur living in a high-rise condo, you have the opportunity to do so with Second Life. Or you could sprout wings and take on the appearance of a fairy dwelling in a giant mushroom, whatever floats your boat.

The game is extremely addictive, but with spectacular, unearthly landscapes, it’s not hard to see why.


1. “Dancing Venezia” by dell_wilberg.


2. The Flower Girl by karindalziel.


3. Be an activist. “Make Slove, not Warcraft” by moggs_oceanlane.


4. Zombie Ballet by moggs_oceanlane.


5. Falling petals on the Tokyo Peninsula by Ravenelle.


6. That's right, your Second Life characters need to do their laundry. “Shadows@Laundromat” by Ramona.Forcella.


7.Moosh Fashion Show with models and DJ. By Ravenelle.


8.A book signing event with author Julian Dibbell, whose book ”Play Money” is available in both Second Life and in the real world. By John E. Lester.


9.Your Second Life doesn't necessarily have to take place in human form, be creative. By BlueLinden.


10.A dating world to explore when you've already exhausted the real one. By Yuval_Y.


11. "Tuna Oddfellow and Shava Suntzu's wedding in Second Life.” Not sure which one is the groom and which one is the bride. By isfullofcrap.


12. “The Show Must Go On” performs for the Raglan Shire community, by Vlan Bjornson.