Matador community members, writers, and editors from all over the world share their pet photos.

LAST WEEK, WE PUT OUT A call for Matador member pet photos. We received contributions from all over the world: Argentina, Mexico, Japan, the Phillipines, Canada, England, Indonesia, and many states across the US.

The response didn’t surprise me.

Pets are more than companions for many of us. They’re family members, teachers, and travel buddies. They’re who we miss when we travel. Some of us even find ways to take our pets on the road with us, deepening our joy and connection to others on the journey.

This photo essay celebrates the pets of Matador community members, writers, and editors. By showing off our pet photos, we open our lives, allowing others to see the tender, more intimate side of ourselves.

Enjoy the photos and descriptions below. Feature photo by Magnera.



1. Tobi in Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada. “Tobi is an alpha female who enjoys speaking in growls, bullying other dogs, and mooching off guests when they come visit."- Ian MacKenzie, Brave New Traveler Editor



2. “This is Dexter. He's 12. He escaped his carrier when the drugs wore off on the flight from the US to Argentina. The woman next to me said, 'Your cat.' He'd been nudging my feet and I knew the drugs were wearing off. Half asleep, I said, 'I know. He's fine.' She said, 'No! He's out!' He'd unzipped his carrier and started toward the aisle and was luckily detained by my seat mate. I gave him another pill and held him as he looked out the window at the newly illuminated clouds. I never saw such a look of shock and disbelief on his face before. It was precious. Now he attacks and happily munches any insect that flies into the apartment.” -Kate Sedgwick, Matador Nights Editor



3.Alison Turner’s dog, Max, in Provincetown, Massachusetts. She describes him as a cartoon. Alison quit her job to travel across the USA with Max and a tent.



4.Jetson (aka Devil Cat) in St. Alban's, Newfoundland. “He's a real tomcat and a general nuisance to the neighborhood. He's also been shot at more than 50 Cent. I love him anyway.”-Candice Walsh, Matador Network Associate Editor



5. Rufus on the east coast of Okinawa, Japan.“Here's Rufus, my Husky/Shiba, physical trainer, ears, eyes, constant companion and cat cruncher!"- Mike Lynch



6. “My wife rescued Julio off the streets of Buenos Aires in 2002."-David Miller, Matador Network Senior Editor and Founding Editor of the Traveler's Notebook



7. “Our family includes (clockwise): Toby (our mischievous, one-eyed cat), Butch Mbwa (the laid-back dog who adopted us in Kenya), Abby (our queen diva and head-warmer extraordinaire) and Bianca (our awkward little deaf chihuahua who snores and stumbles her way through life).”-Associate editor JoAnna Haugen of Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo of Butch Mbwa and Toby taken in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.)



8. Akeelah on a road trip, "sleeping on the dashboard on a tour through fall colors in Prince Edward Island.”-Dona Francis


Little Bit

9. The goat, Little Bit, on the Lone, California farm of  MatadorU alum and member Carina Port. "They're kept just as pets because they're so fun.”



10. Sara Gonzalez’s cat “Rebelde” (rebeld in spanish) in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico.



11. Leah Budke’s dog, Zoey enjoying the first snow of the season in Hays, Kansas.



12. “This is Storm, a shy formerly abused dog we rescued, hiking on Mt. Hood's Timberline Trail.”-Ahimsa Kerp



13. Matador Network Intern, Abbie Mood, took this shot in Anaheim, CA after her dogs, Daisy and Sadie, were “pooped after a loooong hike!”



14. “Emerson was adopted from a pit bull rescue and lives with us in the mountains of California. He enjoys nothing more than romping around in squishy piles of snow. Despite our protests, Emerson emphatically insists that he is indeed a 75 pound lap dog.”- Sarah Park



15. Lori Rice’s dog, Macy, at her parent's house in Newburgh, Indiana. Macy's full name?  Macy Maek the World a Better Place.


Umbra and Dakota

16. “This is Umbra and Dakota who are so in love and inseparable! They are always playing with each other and have such different personalities.”- Zak Kleyn, who moved with Umbra and Dakota from Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa to Farnham, Surrey, England.


Adi and Jordan

17. “This is my chocolate lab Adi, enjoying Halloween in Texas after a year living in Korea. Her little buddy is my sister's puppy, whom everyone calls Jordan (but I call her Wicket, for what I think are obvious reasons).”- Michelle Schusterman, Matador Network Associate Editor



18. Karen Tiambeng’s dog, Simon. Karen and Simon live in the metro Manila, Phillipines.



19. Colby's dog, Wrigley, curious about her book in Buffalo Grove, Illinois.



20. “Samson is our fiery and passionate little Schnauzer with a FAB sense of adventure with a personality to match. And he speaks German.”-Carrie Walkup of New York, New York.



21. Staci Kuppe’s dog, Benji, who "just likes being happy" in Elmira, New York.



22. Ricky Herman’s dog, Lilo, in Jakarta, Indonesia, "rubbed and shampooed on a sunny day."



23. “This is The Stella. This is The Stella's throne. She manages to pretzel herself into 10,500 complicated positions on it. From here she takes in the scene in our study, where Jorge and I are tapping away on our computers. When she wants to go out, she heaves a big, heavy sigh, so heartbreaking that I'm forced to stand up, lace up the ol' running shoes, and take her out for a spin. When we meet the street kids, who know her by now, she goes through a good fifteen minute session of "shake." Shake! shout the kids, and she offers up a paw. Shake! Shake! Over and over. That's my girl.”- Sarah Menkedick, Matador Abroad Co-Editor



24.My dog, Zoey, and husband enjoying Kure Beach, North Carolina. Zoey's also my writing buddy. Her presence keeps the vibe peaceful and simple, reminding me to breathe, be mindful, take walk breaks, smile. -Author and Matador Network Intern, Nancy Harder

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