Feature photo by skitzitilby.

We asked for your dark and dirty secrets. Here are your responses.

INSPIRED BY THE FAMOUS PostSecret project, we invited Matadorians to share a little part of their private lives. The weird things you do when you’re alone in the house, the regrets you’ve been harboring for years, the secret resentment towards your loved ones, even the silly pleasures of your day. Anything goes.

Surprisingly, we received just a few secrets. Everybody loved the idea, but when it came to baring all, it seems there was some reluctance. What’s holding us back? Why has it become so taboo to share our feelings?

Viewing those short, intimate insights into someone’s world makes us all feel a human connection. Maybe you can let out a sigh of relief and say, “Thank God I’m not the only one.”


1. Loneliness isn't an easy thing to admit, I'm glad you did.


2. Take the enrichment from that experience to right your wrongs. A guilty conscience is a good thing.


3. It took me awhile to comprehend the significance of a five year old writing a suicide note. I hope you find happiness, I think you will.