All photos by Theodore and Jennifer Scott.

Each spring, the Texas roadsides are covered with wildflowers. People get into their cars and go hunting for the perfect spot to take family photos among the bluebonnets.

I have a few recommendations:

-Don’t trespass. Especially avoid fields with signs that read “No Trespassing, We Don’t Call 911”.
-Don’t slam on the brakes and veer off the highway when you spot a patch of blue in the ditch.
-Don’t trample all the flowers. Don’t allow your kids and dogs to do it either.

If you are free right now, come visit. The flowers are starting to bloom.


1. They aren't at their peak yet, but thanks to the right weather patterns through the fall and winter, this is supposed to be an amazing year for wildflowers.


2. Central Texas is popular among both types of bikers.


3. Texan tidbit: All species of the bluebonnet are considered to be the state flower of Texas.


4. It is best to get off the crowded highways and drive the country roads. Just be respectful of private property.


5. If you can't find a reliable wildflower spot, you can go to a wildflower farm - where this photo was taken.


6. Stuck at home? You can watch bluebonnets bloom on the Bluebonnet Cam.


7.Wildflowers popping up among the cacti.


8. Bluebonnet festivals appear in small Texas towns all through the month of April.


9. A lot of Texan families return to the same spot every year when the wildflowers bloom again.