We asked the Matador community to send in a photo and caption that encapsulated how they felt about “home”. Big thanks to everyone that submitted something!


Beach hut

1. Daniel Nahabedian: "Home" is just a roof I can rest under temporarily. I am not attached to any place, any country or location. It is more a base where I can put my belongings and come back to rest, and abandon easily to go and discover what should be considered our true Home: Earth.


Shopska salad

2. Sarah Menkedick: Home for me is 5 p.m. on a winter evening in Ohio. It smells sharp like woodsmoke and ice, and the light has a quiet, melancholy gentleness to it that makes you sense the whole of your life passing, so short. When I was in high school I used to stare out the back windows of our kitchen at this light in the winter and think about where I was going, about the life that lay ahead. I do the same thing now whenever I go home in December; find myself looking out the windows of my parents' farmhouse and feeling the winter and the passing of time.


Ohio winter

3. Slava Bowman: Home means fresh, sun-kissed, home-grown colorful veggies cut up in a delicious, mouth-watering, towering feta-topped shopska salata! Mmmm…YUM!


The wisdom of a bottle of wine

4. Abby Leonard: Home means sitting on a porch, watching the sun set over the Sound, enjoying the wisdom that a bottle of wine brings out in friends and family. This photo was taken in Bellingham, Washington.


Hot sulphur springs along Colarado River

5. David Miller: This photo was taken at Hot Sulphur Springs along the Colorado River. Layla was looking at deer on the mountainside. We were essentially "homeless" during this time, Summer of 09, having left Seattle and basically just camping / traveling in Colorado. And yet this feels super "at home" to me. Just being together, experiencing places that Lau and I love and can now experience again for the first time with Layla. That's what "home" means, I think: being in love with the places you find yourself and the people there with you.


Rebecca Kinsella and family

6. Rebecca Kinsella: For me, returning 'home' in 3 months means hanging out with my brothers and sister again after two years abroad.


The faded memory of home

7. Kendra Hoffman: Home is a faded memory: my mother's garden lingers where I once danced with my sisters among the sunflowers, and my father's woodshed looms behind it all. Only the winter speaks the truth: we all await rebirth.


Nancy Harder's dog scoping out her new home

8. Nancy Harder: Home is transitioning for us right now. Home is wherever my husband, James, and my dog, Zoey, are, which will be this house in Blacksburg, Virginia on May 30. In this pic, Zoey's scoping out the new scene on the day we closed.


The aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy in the Philippines

9. Elga Reyes: This is home in the Philippines - but not until recently, not until Typhoon Ketsena (known locally as Typhoon Ondoy) hit my country, my hometown, all my loved ones hard. All my life I've only wanted to go away, to travel and experience the world, and never had I looked back and considered point zero. I am still a wanderer but now with an anchor, or better yet a return ticket to what truly counts, my family.


Kissing the globe

10. Soultravelers3: The world means home to our family as we've chosen an open-ended global tour lifestyle since 2006, and raised our trilingual child as a citizen of the world. Everywhere is our home and we are related to everyone! Home is where the heart is and our heart is everywhere! Home lives inside us and is the love that guides us, and which also is constantly reflected back to us by the beautiful people we meet and places we see.


At home with the Dogon tribe in Mali

11. Debra Lane: This is me experiencing "home" while with the Dogon Tribe in Mali, Africa.


Gypsy caravan parked next to the Taya River, Alaska

12.Lindsey T Rue: Home is a place that wraps me in comfort - where I can breathe, imagine, play and gather with good friends. I'm a perpetual traveler that changes locations with the seasons, and this photo is of my gypsy caravan parked along the banks of the Taya River, Alaska, in 2008.


Sandbar with a heart on in southern Utah

13.Scott Hartman: Hiking down the Escalante River in southern Utah, looking for a camp... found this sandbar with a heart on it... home IS where the heart is!


Home means snow and work

14.Jeff Bartlett: Hailing from the oil and gas town of Fort St John, located 1200 km north of Vancouver, home has always meant two things: snow and work.


The top of Tom Gates's fridge!

15.Tom Gates: Home means dreaming about being away. This is the top of my fridge, with a hand-sewn card from Laos and a blinding digital clock from Japan. They're the first thing I see when I stumble towards a glass of water in the morning and I will inevitably grin when I see them, no matter how morning-grumbly I am.

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