NOT ONLY THE AVENGERS GET TOGETHER to promote the act of voting and Hillary Clinton. Iconic latino celebrities are making their contributions too.

Vicente Fernández, a retired ranchera artist, made quite a come back with political intentions: he sang a new song supporting “La Hillary”. You might not know him, but Mexicans do. The video, entirely in Spanish, is part of campaign efforts organized by the Latino Victory Project. The movement, co-founded by actress Eva Longoria and Henry R. Muñoz III, seeks to empower “the Latino community so the voices and values of Latinos are reflected at every level of government”.

In a clear reference to the “wall” between the two North American countries, Fernández says, “with her as president we’ll always have a bridge” (“con ella de presidente, siempre tendremos un puente”). After his message in the end, we might see ranchera shows in the White House soon.

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