INTERNET TROLLS ARE THE WORST. They ruin everything. You wanted to have a meaningful discussion about drug legalization, or healthcare on a public site? Nope! We’re going to turn this into a racist, anti-Obama screed instead! A brave athlete came out of the closet right before being drafted into the NFL, and you want to commend him? Sorry! We’re going to douse him with anonymous homophobic slurs!

If you’ve spent any time reading the comments of your average YouTube video or news page, you know that the internet is full of unbelievable assholes who are just trying to piss everyone else off. It makes what could be an awesome forum of meaningful discussion, into a mindless minefield.

New studies show, however, that trolls make up only 5% of internet users, and that you were right all along: they tend to be narcissists, sadists, and psychopaths who are using the relative anonymity of the internet to get their kicks. Check out this video with the Discovery Channel’s Laci Green as she breaks it down for you. And if you go to YouTube to watch this video, maybe don’t read the comments.

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