By now, we’re used to hearing about journalists who risk life and limb to bring us a good story. Some of the time, the personal risk journalists put themselves through are incredibly admirable — like the journalists covering the war in Syria — and sometimes it’s just grandstanding stupidity — like the Weather Channel putting reporters on the beach during a hurricane. But rarely is it to bring us a lighthearted puff piece.

David Frank, a videojournalist for the New York Times, is an exception. Frank recently provided the film for a special interest piece on Brent Weingard, a man who has been a professional window cleaner in New York for nearly three decades. Weingard says he’s a window cleaner because he enjoys working with water and squeegees, and because “why live in New York if you can’t look out the window and see how beautiful the city is?”

While Weingard is great material for a special interest piece, not every journalist would lean out of the window with the window cleaner, high above the New York streets. Frank was good enough to give us a behind the scenes look at how he shot the film of Weingard at work, and in this video, he shows aspiring journalists how to be committed to the story, and also how to surrender your life to the strength of a thin canvas cable.