OKAY, SO LIFE IS FEELING a little bleak in the western world. Everyone everywhere is scared and it all feels like it’s falling apart. Here’s the story you’ve been looking for. In downtown Madrid, a new restaurant is charging the rich to feed the poor. It’s called “Robin Hood,” and the concept is simple: people who are able to pay come in for breakfast and lunch. They pay a little extra, and this extra foots the bill for the dinner guests, who are homeless.

The idea was thought up by an 80-year-old priest, who thought that the homeless should be able to eat in dignified settings just like everyone else. They get a fancy, well-cooked meal, and they get it for free. The restaurant is a hit, and is one of the most sought-after reservations in the city. There are plans to expand this model of restaurant out — and there’s no reason this type of restaurant couldn’t catch on everywhere.

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