FINALLY, someone takes a stand and tells it like it is (and I couldn’t be happier that person was Kevin Bacon). The 80s was a challenging decade. I mean, I had to program my own games on an Atari 400, on a spill-proof keyboard (you know how hard it was for little 8-year-old fingers to press the keys?), and record it to a cassette tape. If you made one little mistake, you couldn’t debug the code. You had to write the whole damn thing again.

If I wanted to talk to a girl on the phone, I couldn’t just walk around the house with a fancy schmancy cordless phone. No, I was tethered to the base by a cord so twisted up on itself it took two hours just to straighten it out, forced to make awkward conversation while anyone in the room could listen in.

And that’s not even counting the nukes.