THE CORN CAPITAL of Canada might now also be the most polite town in the country.

The council of Taber, Alberta just passed a bylaw banning public swearing, yelling, and screaming. CBC explains that “the first offence would cost $150, while a second offence could set you back $250”, so everyone’d better watch their mouth!

The new set of rules also includes a $75 fine for spitting in public and a daily curfew for anyone under the age of 16 who is not accompanied by a parent or gardian from 11 pm to 6 am. But the part that disturbs the 8,100 people of this Alberta community is that peace officers will now be able to “break up assemblies of three or more people“.

Lisa Lambert, an instructor of political science at the University of Calgary who lives nearby Taber, explains to Metro News that “events like bake sales and car washes could be caught up under the ‘panhandling’ definition.”

The bylaw will be given a six-month trial after which some adjustments might have to made, but for now, heads are shaking and some are already qualifying the new bylaw as “embarrassing”. Although, when indoors, the same people probably let loose and went for “F****** embarrassing”.

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