WHEN did you use a corded phone for the last time?

In Green Bank, West Virginia, not only do the inhabitants use corded phones every day, but they also have no access to wifi, cell phones, and are banned from using microwaves.

The explanation for this ban is simple: the town is a “national radio quiet zone” because it is home to a number of sophisticated telescopes that could be damaged by wireless transmitters’ interference. The cutting-edge Green Bank observatory plays a very important role in studying remnants of the big bang, stars being formed, new planets, etc.

If this looks like your idea of hell, well, think again. The people of Green Bank have learnt to appreciate their unplugged lifestyle and the benefits that come with it: human connections.
While the telescopes are helping scientists to explain the origins of life, the good people of Green Bank are just enjoying it fully. It’s a win-win situation.

Feature image: goog-god-guy

Source: The Atlantic