I’M CERTAINLY digging the trend of airlines that are adding creative flair to the in-flight safety spiel you get before take-off. Air New Zealand did it in conjunction with the release of The Hobbit last year, and now Virgin America is helping to innovate one of the most boring parts of flying.

The musical safety instructional incorporates some of the most popular genres of contemporary music and dance choreography. What I usually find even more interesting than finished products like this is the behind-the-scenes footage (see below). I often take for granted just how many creative people are involved in putting something like this together, and that for a lot of them it’s not only their passion but their livelihood. One of the things I love most is seeing people truly in their element.

I tend to live on the lighter side of life, so anytime a company shows their less-serious side and is part of changing the way that something has been done for decades, I’m listening.