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Although many of us make conscientious decisions to be less materialistic, some things at home just can’t be replaced.

We all know the feeling of homesickness. When we’re not at home, we’re often off discovering new places and making new friends.
But home becomes such an engrained part of our lives, there are some things we can’t shake off entirely. Friends and family play a major part, but often we miss material items, or knowing everything is clean and in its rightful place.

For some of us, it’s hard to pinpoint our most favorite thing about home. Andy Jarosz, however, has discovered that most people from the western world share the same food passion and miss it while away: cheese. Expats living in Asia seem to feel particularly strong about cheese nostalgia.

Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil feel that our associations with home are not so much about materialism, but more of a realization that we take certain things for granted. Hot showers, comfortable beds and clean toilets are just some luxuries we expect to be available all the time.

When I moved away to attend university, I found myself craving my mother’s meals, even food I didn’t particularly enjoy while living at home. I’m sure being forced to cook for myself had something to do with it, but I longed for pea soup and dumplings, or a classic Sunday dinner. After being away for nearly seven years, I visit home and find myself missing the conveniences of my current “home.” The lines have become blurred. But always, as things change, we’ll find something missing.

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