Who will fill the hole now that Oprah’s leaving TV? We have a suggestion.

In November 2009, Oprah Winfrey announced to the world that she was calling it quits with her talk show. The world stopped turning, and cities collapsed into the sea. 25 years of television stardom, and now she’s handing over her throne to someone else.
It’s fair game: anyone can submit a video testifying why they would make the best new talk show host. Browsing through over 3,000 video applications, the variety of faces and ideas and dreams are exhausting. The talent is endless. Unfortunately, so is the crap.
Then there’s this guy.
Zach describes himself as a “wheelchair bound lady magnet.” By the end of his video, I was forwarding the link on to all my friends and laughing my face off.

With over 3-million votes and counting, Zach stands a pretty good chance of stealing the torch from Oprah. Even if he doesn’t win, I’d gladly turn into any television show he decides to star in, because I’m pretty sure it’ll happen.

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When television is more addictive than ever, and major networks are cranking out crummy content on a daily basis, can a guy like Zach give us something refreshing to watch? Share your thoughts here.