WHEN FILMAKERS Mathieu Le Lay and Benjamin Dowie met in the French Alps this year, they decided to hike 4 peaks in a few days, a very strenuous exercise. Mont Buet, standing at 3096 meters in front of the Mont-Blanc range, was one of the most exhausting and rewarding experiences of this trip for both artists, “we had to climb up to 2225 meters during 7 exhausting hours. We set up our camp on top of that peak during a fresh night and were able to catch up the sunrise in a early 6am morning waking up with one of the most outstanding mountain view I had ever seen.”

WALK THE RIDGE shares the feelings one experiences when hiking in the steep French Alps: the pain, but also the joy of “finally walk[ing] the dizzy ridge before reaching the final summit”.

Featured image by Mathieu Le Lay

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