You’ve probably seen one of the band OK Go’s crazy music videos before: they first broke the internet with their dancing treadmill video, then they followed it up with their elaborate Rube Goldberg machine, and now, for their latest single, “I Won’t Let You Down,” they’ve created what might be the most elaborate and impressive music video ever made. Like most of their videos, it’s filmed in a single take, but unlike their other videos, it does not appear to be low budget: the video uses a camera-mounted drone to film the band head on and then from above as hundreds of dancers form elaborate patterns using colored umbrellas.

The video was filmed in Japan, which would have made the use of the drone easier: in the United States, drone regulations are a mess, which is unfortunate, because aside from their oft-reported use as murder machines, drones have a ton of creative and productive uses as well.

If you’ve got the five minutes, watch the full music video (impressive video aside, the song is catchy as hell), but if not, things start to get truly bananas at the 3:25 mark.