When I was living in my Winnebago in Washington DC, I realized just how little space we actually need to live well. I could cook lentils, take a shower, sleep, and store all of my things in a vehicle that fit into a standard parking space.

Jay Shafer is one of the founders of of the tiny-house movement and is fascinating to read about and watch online. His entire home (and it looks and feels exactly like a home) fits on top of a car trailer, and so can be hauled around behind a pickup truck. Inside he has a fireplace, double-burner stove, fridge, bar sink, and toaster oven. His bed is a loft over the top of his kitchen, and he has a tiny closet to hold his clothes.

The entire space is less than 100 sq. ft.

I am blown away every single time I watch this video, and would love to know how many people out there would be willing to live in such a tiny home themselves.

Realistically, do you think you could give up all of the things sitting in your attic and closets, all of the extra space you never use, which makes up the majority of your home?

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