The only negative consequence of the TV show Seinfeld was the propagation of the mispronunciation of the word “gyro.” They jokingly called them “jy-ros” instead of the proper “euros” (like the currency), and ever since, I’ve rarely heard the word properly said. That’s the problem with subtle humor, I suppose, but FoodBeastTV has fortunately put together a video to educate people how to properly pronounce their food. Do you call pho “fo”? Do you call hors d’oeuvres hors-duh-oovers (admittedly, I occasionally call them that when I want to annoy someone I think is being pretentious, and I’ll call croissants “quassons” when I’m trying to seem pretentious myself)?

Learn how to say these foods properly. I was surprised at how many things I was pronouncing incorrectly, and was also slightly disappointed that they didn’t include an explanation of why New Yorkers and New Jersians pronounce capicola as “gabagool.” But check it out nonetheless.