FRENCH FILMMAKER Mathieu Le Lay, director of the beautiful short film “Keep Exploring”, finds himself on the other end of the lens in “Stillness Arises”.

When Benjamin Dowie, another filmmaker (based in Australia), meets Mathieu Le Lay in France, they don’t know one another, but they know each other’s work on Vimeo. Both artists decide to explore France together; Mathieu is the guide, Benjamin follows. When Bejamin Dowie started to shoot, he did not know where it would lead, but the result is a wonderful Ode to Nature and its power of inspiration.

Mathieu Le Lay opens up on what drives his creative power: “[…] I started to feel the wild within me; Nature as part of me. I found a way to let it express: I shoot films and pictures in the wild.”

What triggers your creativity? What inspires you?

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