Colombian video artist incorporates his kids into his four-camera, multi-instrumental Depeche Mode cover videos.

When I hear Depeche Mode, I think of guys with ambiguous sexualities that I’d crush out on in high school. When Dicken Schrader’s kids hear Depeche Mode, they’ll think about making music videos with their pop.

Schrader is a video artist from Bogotá. His kids, Milah and Korben, are his backup band in three DM covers using everyday objects as instruments: “Strangelove,” “Shake the Disease,” and most recently, “Everything Counts.”

Instruments employed are scissors, a spray bottle, recorders, toys, a xylophone, a kid’s tambourine, and cleverly positioned cameras to catch the source of the beats and sounds. These videos are fun to watch, and pretty damn adorable.