For seven days this summer I became a temporary yachtie, sailing around the Greek islands with The Yacht Week (TYW). I learnt the ropes of life on the open ocean, partied in idyllic locations, and networked with some extraordinary folks from across the globe.

Setting sail from the mainland port of Lavrio, just south of Athens, we explored the waters between the neighbouring islands of Poros, Plaka, Dokos, and Hydra. Each evening, as sunset colours filled the sky, chill beats pulsed into the night air as the party began.



Don’t let his wry smile deceive you -- Ghaith and his Super Soaker are trouble. As we set sail from the island of Poros he opened fire on our crew, ice-cold liquid fire raining down from above. Retreating into the galley, my allies and I began to stockpile water balloons. Ghaith may have started a battle but we would win the war.



As we sailed towards Ermioni, disaster struck: The main halyard twisted. Drastic action was required. Sporting a rather dashing harness, Tom was clipped on and hauled up the mast. The men grunted as they sent him skyward, all the while the wind whipping the sails into a frenzy and the waves crashing against the hull.



Put 250 twenty-somethings on a beach and you’re bound to find a game of beach volleyball set up by some athletic-looking chaps in brightly coloured shorts. The great thing about this match was that the chaps were also wearing fetching '80s-inspired wigs. I did ask their captain why -- apparently the ladies love a man with a mullet.



Cruising a Mediterranean archipelago with a fleet of luxury yachts is nothing short of epic. Each day as we arrived at the next harbour, I watched as one by one the vessels moored, their crews ready to explore the island, swim in the bay, chill on the sands, and hit the beach bar for cocktails at sunset.



There’s a lot to be said for the siesta. After the excitement of beach volleyball or the thrill of a morning on the water, a snooze is an extremely appealing prospect. With the deck serving as both bed and sun lounger, I often found myself combining the opportunity to catch some rays with a few zzzz’s too. Looks like I wasn’t the only one.



A tranquil moment beneath the waves of a natural harbour on the uninhabited island of Dokos. I watched, transfixed, as Dan learnt to blow bubbles. Hovering above him, I looked on as he expelled each breath into the aqua ether, hoping that an elusive bubble ring would form.



When I imagined myself spending a week on a yacht, I envisioned that I might be living on glasses of chilled Cristal and the occasional bottle of Evian…the reality was in fact far superior. Vodka-soaked watermelon made fresh daily. I’ll say no more.



As we made our way through the waters of the Saronic archipelago, dolphins played in the bow waves. Those without crewing responsibilities sat on the deck, mesmerised by the fluid movement of the creatures below. The dolphins appeared as though in flight, leaping and darting to and fro, treating us to a display of aquatic aerobatics.


Epic moment

This roundup of epic moments wouldn't be complete without some flaming shots. Throw in a pool party and a fun-loving crew from Stanford Business School, and you’ve a recipe for good times. The perfect end to my day spent maxing and relaxing with these guys and gals aboard their yacht.



Take one inflatable lilo, a blue ocean, and a Mediterranean milieu…what you have there is a recipe for a moment of blissful relaxation. After dancing till dawn at an exclusive rooftop club, this was a perfect way to rest and recharge for the day ahead.

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