25 Signs You Learned To Drink in Seattle

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by Marissa Pedersen Nov 11, 2015

1. You can open a beer can with a pinecone.

2. When you get married, you’ll require “vitamin R” in a keg at the reception.

3. You celebrated your 21st birthday on The Ave, starting at Earl’s for the way too strong Long Island Iced Teas.

4. At the Ballard Seafood Fest, you spent way too much time in the beer garden and not enough time sampling the salmon.

5. Going to Woodsky’s means taking Fireball shotskies.

6. During football season, Saturday is spent at UW tailgating for the Huskies, and Sunday is spent in Sodo parking lots tailgating for the Seahawks.

7. You know what day of the week it is based on Finn MacCool’s specials.

8. You already know you’ll be calling out sick the week of Seafair due to too many cocktails while watching the Blue Angels from your friend’s boat.

9. New Year’s Eve consists of staking out a spot at Gasworks Park with blankets and multiple bottles of wine until the fireworks start.

10. You’ve unsuccessfully attempted the 12-egg omelet from Beth’s Cafe at 3am…multiple times.

11. You can float down the river and hold two beers without spilling a drop.

12. You brewed your own creation of beer within the last month.

13. You’ve sipped champagne on the top of Frolik, while watching the sun go down over the Puget Sound.

14. You’ve had multiple rum-and-coke-infused karaoke sessions at Kate’s Tavern.

15. Stumbling around on the sand during Alki Beach bonfires are the best way to spend summer nights.

16. You always have a few cans of PBR in your backpack to celebrate the top of your hike to Mt. Si.

17. You’ve spent countless quarters on all the pinball games after a few too many drinks at The Unicorn.

18. Friday nights are for games of ski ball at King’s Hardware.

19. You’ve gone out to Capitol Hill on the weekend in Ugg boots and plaid because it’s just plain comfortable.

20. You’re shocked when you travel out of state and realize not all grocery stores sell liquor.

21. You feel sauve when you get let into the speak easy The Knee High Stocking Co.

22. You make sure to recycle all your beer cans as well as everyone else’s at parties.

23. The best happy hours are on a patio facing Lake Union watching sailboats go by.

24. The 4th of July always starts at Golden Gardens BBQing, playing beach volleyball, and drinking Fremont Summer Ale.

25. You’ve become a bocce ball master at Rhein Haus.

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