You’re here you’re queer? Or maybe you just love your gay cousin/sister/uncle/coworker? Come to NYC Gay Pride where there’s room for all!

Homos may only make up 10% of the population, but they’re the 10% who knows how to party. There are really few celebrations quite as fantastical. Get excited and embrace your personal opportunity to let loose, be proud, and unabashedly go crazy. Here are a few tips for making the most out of your 2011 Pride experience.

1. THE Gay Pride march

The gays take this parade very seriously. Once upon a time, I was nearly trampled by a mob of drag queens all dressed like Cher as they pushed through the crowd to the edge of Fifth Avenue.

Dykes on Bikes out in force at NYC Pride. Photo: dancetechnet.

A 1960s Cher quickly apologized, “Oh honey—I’m sorry. You know we just want to see those dykes on bikes up close!” I ended up smiling and nodding in return. If I’ve learned one thing in my short gay life it’s this: never argue with a drag queen.

The 2011 NYC Pride March will kick-off Sunday, June 26th at 12 Noon at 36th Street and Fifth Avenue, ending in the West Village. It originally began in 1970 as an annual civil rights demonstration (following the Stonewall Riots) and it has since grown into a universal (drunken) celebration of our lives and community.

Interested in marching? Contact a local chapter of your preferred organization, like Human Rights Campaign (HRC) or Marriage Equality USA, and get to volunteering!

2. Dress to impress