The installation piece “Waste Landscape” by Elise Morin and Clémence Eliard is made of 65,000 old CDs.

I REMEMBER getting AOL internet CDs around 15 years ago and never knowing quite what to do with them. It didn’t seem right to just throw them away, but they were essentially junk. Now, I have the same quandary over old software and music CDs. How long to hold onto them before recycling them? I have to admit that I never thought of turning my old CDs into art.

Elise Morin and Clémence Eliard, an artist and architect, have installed their CDs turned art exhibit at the Paris art center Centquatre. The piece is described by the artists as:

a 500 square meter artificial undulating landscape covered by an armor of 65,000 unsold or collected CDs, which have been sorted and hand-sewn. It is well known that CDs are condemned to gradually disappear from our daily life, and to later participate in the construction of immense open-air, floating or buried toxic waste reception centers. Made of petroleum, this reflecting slick of CDs forms a still sea of metallic dunes: the art work’s monumental scale reveals the precious aspect of a small daily object.

It will stay in Paris through Sept. 10, and after that it will travel, with a unique look at each locale. Once the exhibition is over, the piece will be recycled.

Watch below to see how it was created and people moving through and interacting with the exhibit.

WASTE LANDSCAPE – Centquatre 104 – 21-07 // 11-09-2011 from elise morin on Vimeo.