Swinging Richards – Atlanta, Georgia, USA

One of the most hilariously named institutions in the world, Swinging Richards is reportedly one of the best male entertainment clubs in the USA. They even offer a bit of pre-gaming online by posting photos and stats of each dancer.

Care to learn a little bit about the guy who’ll be doing the wango tango? Matthew: “I am also an artist!” Parker: “Working ‘hard’ to finish school for an MBA with Finance and Economics.” And Knight: “Knight doesn’t say much….he doesn’t have to.”

This is primarily a dude-stitution but women are also allowed, although rules state “No skirts above the mid-thigh!! You will be asked to leave or purchase a pair of shorts.”

Remington’s – Toronto, Canada

Remington’s has been an institution in Toronto for over fifteen years. Yelp reports varied reviews. One poor soul warns, “If you get a private dance be careful to keep track of the number of songs that play. You are charged $20 PER SONG, not per dance.” One question – does the Grease megamix count as one song or three?

Aspiring Go Go Boys: The club’s website also has an explanation of how to apply, claiming that dancers can earn over $1,000 a week, paid daily in cash. The author may have just found a way to supplement his Matador salary.

Bar Taboo – Montreal, Canada

Bar Taboo is the kind of place where men take off their wedding ring and spend their daughter’s college money on guys working themselves through university or a drug problem. For the love of all that is matrimony, do not let your significant other attend a business conference in Montreal because there is no business conference in Montreal. There is Bar Taboo.

Tawan – Bangkok, Thailand

Tawan is one of the longest running gay clubs in Bangkok, catering specifically to those who like massive roid-monsters. It’s the kind of place that The Hulk or The Thing would strip at.

And just like that, the image is there for the rest of your life.

Escape – Prague, Czech Republic

About.com reports that this is the kind of place where “many – if not most – creatures in this saucy basement nightclub are looking to initiate business relations with you.” Visions of creepy old sex tourists are accentuated by photos on the club’s site, which show dancers in Zorro masks and angel wings.

Dick’s Cabaret – Phoenix, Arizona, USA

A strip club near the airport in Phoenix. No good can come of this. This is the joint where American Idol contestant David Hernandez once worked, reportedly appearing fully nude and performing lap dances. Start googling, perverts.

Silverado Gay – Portland, Oregon, USA

This place looks ridiculously raunchy. Silverado offers one question: “What are men made of? Snips and snails and puppy-dog tails and we got them all 7 nights a week.” This is probably not the career choice the dancers’ mothers were anticipating for their sons.

Arrow Nashville – Nashville, TN

Nashvegas recently opened its very open all-male gentleman’s club (it also allows female patrons). Citysearch gives it five stars, with one reviewer calling it “a great place to forget about the damn economy and have a fun time.”

You can follow Arrow on Twitter on their to learn about special events, like Manhunt Amateur Package Night.

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