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9 of the Best Hangover Cures in Milwaukee

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by Samantha Bilkey Jun 2, 2016

1. The Kitchen Sink at Ma Fischer’s

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Milwaukee’s Upper East Side is a big college town, so when UWM students are done with a night of drinking and looking to get a hot coffee and carb-filled meal the next morning, everyone knows the spot to be at is Ma Fischer’s. It’s basically everyone’s favorite “mom and pop” stop that doesn’t let you leave hungry. But you actually don’t even need to wait until morning — Ma Fischer’s is open 24/7.

2. The Hodor at 42 Ale House

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Find the DD from the night before, jump in the car with the other hungover nerds, and order the delicious sausage and caprese-style sandwich based on everyone’s favorite Game of Thrones character. If you’re feeling up to it, grab one of 42 Ale House’s many board games and play a few rounds while sipping on Butterbeer.

3. Bel Air Cantina’s Chilaquiles Verdes

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Nothing softens a pounding headache like nachos, but the chilaquiles verdes at Bel Air Catina are even better. Each bite of queso fresco, cilantro, salsa verde, fried eggs and more are like a placebo that’ll kick your butt back into shape for the day. Adios, hangover.

4. Coconut pancakes at The Original Pancake House

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If you want to cure a hangover at the OPH, you’re going to have to brave your wooziness and get there early because this place gets packed. My recommendation: pour the tropical syrup over the top and start gorging. Even better? Get a side of their famous thick-cut sweet and salty bacon.

5. The Crown Mary from Sobelman’s

Bloody Marys count as a vegetable, right? #GoCards⚾️

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One great hangover cure is more alcohol, right? Sobelman’s is basically synonymous with Bloody Marys in Milwaukee. One drink is more than enough for a meal because they’re usually topped with sausages, bacon, vegetables, hamburgers, an entire fried chicken, or even a whole bottle of Corona.

6. Belt & A at Café Benelux

Anything that includes basil aioli, bacon, eggs, tomato, and avocado can’t be a bad thing. And when all those things are squished between two pieces of buttered toast, you know you’re going to feel a lot better. But the best part of Café Benelux is actually their beignets. They’re covered in powdered sugar and served with a bowl of hot chocolate sauce on the side. You’re welcome.

7. Stuffed French Toast at Zak’s Café

Stuffed with maple quark cheese (omg) and your choice of berries, there’s no way you could eat this and still feel the effects from the night before. If you’re feeling more savory, Benedicts are their specialty. They’ve got everything from classic to king crab.

8. The lunch buffet at Maharaja

Unfortunately, Milwaukee only has a handful of Indian restaurants, but everyone’s main favorite is Maharaja. When it comes to all-you-can-eat, they do it right. Sleep right through brunch hours, then go sweat it out with all the biryani, butter chicken, naan, coconut soup, and gulab jamuns you can fit on your plate. The best part is that it’s all-you-can-eat. Stay all day if you feel that’s necessary.

9. The Elvis Impersonator at the Wicked Hop

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If you’re feeling half-dead on a Sunday morning, the perfect pick-me-up is toasted in a triple-sec batter and covered with bananas and peanut butter maple syrup. Not feeling that? Chomp into the spicy Sixto Lezcano instead. The Wicked Hop is a popular brunch spot among Milwaukee’s student population, so be sure to get there early and place your order as soon as possible.

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