Indigenous kids lay down a sick track.

HIP HOP MUSIC ORIGINATED when people from the ghetto turned everyday street experiences into music. Australian musician Marc Peckham, aka ‘MonkeyMarc,’ finds inspiration not in the streets but in the desert. He traveled to the Western Desert community of Nyirripi to make music with the local kids. Their hit, “Bikey Boyz,” was born of this visit. MonkeyMarc told one ABC interviewer:

A still from the music video 'Bikey Boyz'

“There was this little kid and he just kept going ‘I’m a bikey, bikey boy.’ The next thing you know, we came up with this little funny chorus and from that chorus it just sort of expanded out into this great little story about being a boy in Nyirripi and riding around on your BMX…you know all the cool adventures you have on your bike when you’re a little boy.”

MonkeyMarc has written a protocol/paper on “How to Record in Indigenous Communities.” Find it on his website.

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